A Series of Haiku Written About a Former Job

A ProNews 7 Haiku
The news never stops
Everyone works hard each day
We are number one

A Producer Haiku
Making it make sense
Each story a puzzle piece
Order from chaos

A Reporter Haiku
Enterprise stories
Meet the people, get the facts
Tell it like it is

A Photographer Haiku
Hurry to the scene
Grab your camera, get the shot
Adrenaline rush

An Anchor Haiku
The face of the news
Build trust with unseen viewers
Communicate it

A Production Haiku
Those behind the scenes
Each position important
Making us look good

A Tape Operator Haiku
So many news tapes
Put it in, cue it up, roll
Don’t eject on air

An Audio Haiku
Pushing fader bars
Ride the levels up and down
A careful balance

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