Jimmy Fallon: Nothing New Here

Jimmy Fallon has begun his reign as the host of The Tonight Show. Everyone seems to love him, critics included, and I’m sure he’ll end up as polished a host as his predecessors.

But come on…it’s the same old stuff.

Is the nighttime talk show format so sacred that it can’t be changed? It’s the same boring thing on every single channel: monologue (yawn), witty banter with the bandleader (yawn), franchise pieces (bleh), and finally, guests (I’m probably not going to see them because all the other stuff took up too much time and I’m bored and sleepy).

Why can’t a musical guest come out first thing and open the show? Wouldn’t it be fun to see the guests first and have the monologue later? What if there was no monologue and just more guests?

Jimmy Fallon may be new, but he’s not new.

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