Brain Tumor

One week ago, I learned that I have a brain tumor. The neurologist I saw for a strange headache wasn’t looking for a brain tumor, and they tumor she found isn’t related to the headache, but here we are. The MRI report says it’s a “cerebellopontine angle mass” and is “consistent with meningioma.”

I’m still reeling from this diagnosis. An appointment with a neurosurgeon is a few weeks away, so in the meanwhile I’m trying to learn more about meningiomas and how they are treated. Meningiomas are largely benign and the neurologist says mine is small, but I already know from searching that it’s probably large for its location. And I also know that CPA masses are “skull base” tumors that can be more difficult to reach and remove.

Without knowing more, this is all I can go on for now. I’m trying to remain calm and grateful that it isn’t something worse.

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