Brain Tumor

One week ago, I learned that I have a brain tumor. The neurologist I saw for a strange headache wasn’t looking for a brain tumor, and they tumor she found isn’t related to the headache, but here we are. The MRI report says it’s a “cerebellopontine angle mass” and is “consistent with meningioma.”

I’m still reeling from this diagnosis. An appointment with a neurosurgeon is a few weeks away, so in the meanwhile I’m trying to learn more about meningiomas and how they are treated. Meningiomas are largely benign and the neurologist says mine is small, but I already know from searching that it’s probably large for its location. And I also know that CPA masses are “skull base” tumors that can be more difficult to reach and remove.

Without knowing more, this is all I can go on for now. I’m trying to remain calm and grateful that it isn’t something worse.

Books I Want To Write About: Orange is the New Black

oitnb01I just finished Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman and I’m officially putting it on my imaginary list of books that really make me think.

I am a fan of the Netflix show and of course I binge watched both seasons as soon as they arrived in the queue. (I also once accosted Dascha Polanco on the street to beg for more episodes.) The thing I really like about the show is the way it tells the personal stories of the inmates and how they ended up behind bars.  It’s also well-written and the actors are some of the best in the industry. However, the book filled in some gaps for me that I haven’t grasped from watching the TV show.

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Books I Want to Write About: The Children’s Blizzard

childrensblizzardThis book is the story of the January 12, 1888, blizzard that led to the deaths of hundreds of people—many of them children who had gone off to school for the day and then tried to get home after the storm began. It is harrowing in its deadly detail, but also a fascinating look at the early days of meteorology and the personal stories of immigrants to the Great Plains. 

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Jimmy Fallon: I Changed My Mind (Mostly)

When Jimmy Fallon took over The Tonight Show, I wrote a scathing(-ish) review, complaining that it was same ol’ same ol’.  I’ve mostly changed my mind.

I still think that late night talk shows are yawn. And I still think Mr. Fallon follows the status quo too closely. But I want to give credit where credit is due and say that he has definitely put his own spin on the status quo and I like where it’s going. Some of the franchises are dumb and/or go on waaaay too long (<cough>Thank You Notes<cough>), but most are really funny. I happen to really like Hashtags and “Ew!”  The best part is when guests do unexpected things; it seems that they are having a good time and they are more relaxed.

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