Norma’s Extra Special 2009 Grammy Awards

  1. The Shut Up and Go Back To Your Tiny Island Award — U2
  2. The Worst Use of a Music Legend Award — whoever paired Stevie Wonder with The Jonas Bros
  3. The “I’m a real blond!” “No I’m a real blond” Award — (tie) Leann Rimes and Sheryl Crow
  4. The Scarred Award — Blink182
  5. The I Should Be Hosting Award — Craig Ferguson
  6. The Escape From Rehab Award — Whitney Houston
  7. The Kissing a Girl Doesn’t Mean You Can Dance AT ALL Award — Katy Perry
  8. The Sluttiest Pregnant Woman Ever Award — MIA
  9. The “Hey, is that Tiffany?” Award — Paul McCartney
  10. The Grandpa Grammy — Neil Diamond